Journalese of the Day: AP ignores the thugs running Gaza

A tip of the cap to for this one, in a story headlined: “AP writes about problems in Gaza, Doesn’t even mention Hamas”.

HonestReporting continues: “May 26, 2016. The Associated Press, one of the largest news agencies in the world, wrote a short article about Gaza, just 309 words. Not a single one of those words was ‘Hamas.’ That’s like talking about Syria and not using the words ‘Islamic State’ (ISIS) or talking about the September 11 attacks and not mentioning ‘Al Qaeda.’ It’s more than surreal, it’s bad journalism.”

Hamas is the terrorist organization that has ruled Gaza since 2007, after murdering Fatah members who had run Gaza since Israel pulled out in 2005. Hamas has pledged to wipe out Israel, fired thousands of rockets into Israel, and cried it was an innocent victim when Israel attacked to stop the missiles.

Honest Reporting writes: “After describing problems in Gaza the AP goes on to make three separate uses of the word ‘Israel’ or ‘Israeli,’ one use of the word ‘Netanyahu’ and one use of the word ‘Lieberman.’ Not surprisingly, the AP’s references to Israel and Israeli leadership are made in the course of blaming Israel for the problems in Gaza, claiming those problems are due to Israel’s lack of ‘political will’ to pursue a peace process. This is a blatant example of ‘Opinions Disguised as News.’
“The AP story paints a picture that Israel is exclusively responsible for war and suffering in Gaza, that Palestinians bear no responsibility for pursuing peace, and that Hamas…simply does not exist.”

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-Robert Skole

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