Monthly Archives: August 2016

Journalese of the Day: Grizzled

All fishermen, hunters, farmers or other outdoor workers older than the reporter’s father are grizzled, even if they are completely bald, dark haired or wearing hats which conceal the grey needed to be accurately called grizzled. A journalese law prohibits reporters from identifying grey-haired women as grizzled. Wall Street geezers, politicians, and retired reporters telling war stories at the National Press Club bar are also exempt from being called grizzled,… Read Article →

Journalese of the Day: travel puffery

Travel writers are obligated to paint a rosy picture of travel. Take this line in a Boston Globe story, Aug 6, 2016, about regional road trips: “…Stockbridge [MA] is a well-documented refuge from the city, an easy two hours on the Pike.” Boston is 131 miles from Stockbridge. This would mean driving an average of 65 mph, which could be done, possibly, at 3 a.m. But an “easy” two hours… Read Article →

Headline of the Day: Stop the presses!

Top story of the Boston Globe sports section on Aug. 5, 2016, under this headline: “Sox pitchers must step up — Team can’t rely on bats alone.” Which is something Red Sox fans have known since the season started. -Robert Skole