Hollywood mogul

A strict law of journalese states that any rich guy in Hollywood must be identified as a mogul, even if the guy may not fit the dictionary definitions:  1) a Mongol; Mongolian. 2) a powerful or important person, especially one with autocratic power. 3) a kind of steam locomotive for pulling heavy trains. The Boston Business Journal obediently followed this law on Oct 29, 2016, with this headline: “Hollywood mogul sells Nantucket mansion for $15M.”   The “mogul”  is Gary Cosay , “founder of one of Hollywood’s most well-known talent agencies,” United Talent Agency.  Gary and wife Healy sold the 10-room mansion to  “Albert Rabil III, CEO of Kayne Anderson Real Estate Advisors, and wife Tamara.” Rabil is not a mogul, only a “Florida based real estate investor.”

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