Swedish papers’ coverage


Well, this is not journalese, but journalism. Illustrating the importance of the election outside of the United States is the coverage in today’s (Nov. 10) two largest national morning dailies in Sweden, Dagens Nyheter and Svenska Dagbladet. Each devoted about 36 tabloid-sized pages to news, analyses, commentary, details of votes, editorials, and just about every angle you can think of — from effect on Swedish exports and defense policies to cartoons (like the New Yorker’s one of God’s IT guy telling Him, “The system has crashed — even the atheists are praying!”) and front pages (the New York Daily News foto of the White House headlined “House of Horror”).

What’s extraordinary about the excellent coverage is that the papers undoubtedly had large numbers of stories ready, based on Clinton’s winning. I’m sure there was similar coverage throughout western Europe.

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