Will tensions mean Facebook at war?

As I have pointed out, reporters love tensions, which ways escalate, increase, worsen but never decrease, calm down or disappear. Tensions climb into tension limbo, ready for the next conflict. Latest example was in a New York Times story, Dec. 21, 2016, with a headline: “Facebook faces new battle in Europe — $200 million fine could result from claim over WhatsApp.” Reporting that European competition officials filed charges claiming Facebook made misleading statements when it acquired WhatsApp, the story goes on: “The acquisition….comes amid growing tension with European policy makers over how the company is able to dominate much of the region’s digital world.”

The big question: Will the tensions lead to war? I can see it now: Facebook gathering an army of lawyers, backed up by brigades of accountants, and battalions of heavy artillery tax experts. The Europeans creating a force of allied politicians ready to defend honor, justice and taxes. Google, already battling the EU, joins in a wartime alliance with Facebook. Tensions indeed create strange brothers in arms. When can we expect the tensions leading to the first shots in the courtroom battlefield? As the TV news anchors reveal: Time will tell.

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