Codfather becomes a mogul

Mogul is classic journalese, a term only used by reporters. How many times, for example, have you heard anyone say, “Yes, Joe Moneybags is a real mogul.” The dictionary definition, with small m: “1) A very rich or powerful person: a movie mogul. 2. A kind of heavy steam locomotive.” The Boston Globe, Mar. 10, 2017, had this wonderful mogul usage, as well as a terrific nickname: “A commercial fishing mogul from the South Coast who is known as ‘The Codfather’ by locals has agreed to plead guilty to charges he mislabeled fish to boost profits. … Prosecutors allege that [Carlos] Rafael, owner of Carlos Seafood Inc., of New Bedford, falsely claimed to have netted haddock or another common species when he was really harvesting cod, sole, or other fish restricted by quotas. His company would buy the fish — from boats that he owns — at the lower price of haddock, but then sell the more lucrative fish to buyers in New York….”

So there you have a mogul who is not producing films, not even a re-make of Moby Dick.

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