Testing waters.

The 2018 congressional elections are 18 months away, but politicians are now “testing the waters” to run or swim for whatever office. Here’s a Boston Herald headline, Apr. 3, 2017, “Geoff Diehl to test waters for run against Liz Warren.” Diehl, a Republican state representative, described as a “conservative,” has set up a campaign account and filed Federal papers “that label him as a candidate” for the Senate seat held by Elizabeth Warren. Like all candidates who most voters have never heard of, he says he’s been encouraged by friends and social media and party activists.. Diehl was co-chairman of Trump’s Massachusetts campaign, which resulted in Trump’s losing to Clinton 60 to 33 percent, one of Trump’s biggest state vote losses. But wait, never predict an election: Obscure Republican Massachusetts state senator Scott Brown beat Democrat Attorney General Martha Coakley in a special election in 2010 for the unfinished term of Senator Ted Kennedy. Brown was beaten two years later by Warren.

Expect to see a lot of waters being tested for the 2018 elections. And a lot of candidates being urged by friends, social media, and party loyalists, but never by their own egos or ambitions.

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