Everyone reeling?

Our dictionary definition of “Reeling”: “Any neighborhood, group, town, family or political party hit with a disaster or tragedy or scandal.” We should have included the Capital of the United States. Here’s the page 1, top story headline of the Boston Sunday Globe, May 14, 2017: “16 weeks in, and everyone is reeling in Washington.”

Everyone? The entire city? The kid flipping burgers at McDonald’s? The city gardner cutting the grass on Lafayette Park? The cab driver waiting for a fare or to be interviewed by the BBC? Workers filling potholes on Pennsylvania Ave.? A couple of skateboarders selecting which nice flat surface to ruin? A mom pushing a stroller along the Mall? You know, everyone in Washington is reeling.

Oh, yeah, Democrat politicians, too, according to the subhead: “Despite missteps, misstatements, and mistakes by the president, Democrats can’t seem to take any advantage.”

File under: Never kill a generalization with facts.
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