Euphemism of the day

One might think that Boston got over its old Blue Laws which banned most everything naughty or fun — printed, acted or spoken. After all, the most memorable response to the Boston Marathon bombing was Red Sox hitter David Ortiz’s famous warning to terrorists, in a live TV Fenway Park speech, “This is our fuckin’ city!”

Well, Channel 5, WCVB News, doesn’t think its audience is grown-up enough to hear anything but kiddie terms for natural functions. I’m not making this up, but in a May 15, 2017, report of a man arrested for cruelty to his dog, the anchor explained the guy was mad at the dog “because he went to the bathroom in the living room.”

For those wondering if the dog went Number 1 or Number 2, Boston’s WBZ AM news fearlessly reported that the dog urinated.

File under P: Praise the media gods we’re a multi-media town.

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