A fleet of wind power bull.

Add the word “fleet” to the list of corporate BS being adopted by reporters to mean a bunch of anything. It was misleading enough when wind power hustlers started calling their industrial wind projects “wind farms”. Can’t you see the green fields, cows grazing, crops ripening, hay stacks, chickens, all happy on ol’ McDonald’s farm with a cute windmill far in the background? Well now you have a “fleet” of inefficient, unreliable, environmentally damaging, noisy, unhealthy, landscape ruining, taxpayer financed, rate-payer screwin’ wind turbines.”

That’s what the New York Times called them in an article May, 28, 2017, about coal companies shifting to gas and renewable energy: “With the goal of attracting big business to coal country, Chris Beam, [head of Appalachian Power, biggest power company in West Virginia] is in the market to buy, lease, or build a fleet of wind and solar power farms across West Virginia and Virginia. The goal is to increase Appalachian Power’s renewable-energy fleet to 34 percent of its power capacity by 2031 from 17 percent today.”

The dictionary definition of fleet: “A number of warships operating together under one command; the entire navy of a government; any group of taxicabs or fishing boats owned and operated as unit.”

Yeah right. A fleet of wind turbines, profiting only because of billions of dollars from taxpayers and ratepayers, is like a Spanish fleet of the 1500s, sailing home loaded with gold stolen from the Aztecs.

File under: Don’t kill a goody-goody story with facts.
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