A moderate butcher

A “moderate” is the usual description of a smooth-talking butcher, tyrant or murderer whom the reporter and his or her editors admire. Take Iranian President Hassan Rouhani for example. I put “Rouhani” and “moderate’ in a Google search and got 540,000 hits. Most recent references were from “respected” media reporters and columnists, as they gushed over “moderate” Rhounani’s re-election as president. Even Fox News called him a moderate.

But there were exceptions, such as The Washington Examiner, and a piece by Christopher Booker in The Telegraph, May 28, 2017, under the headline “If you think a ‘moderate’ has won in Iran, think again.” Referring to Trump’s recent visit to the Mid-East, Booker writes, “This followed the ghastly farce of the Iranian presidential election, when again we were told that the victor, Hassan Rouhani, was a “moderate” against a “hardliner”. As I have reported many times, Rouhani is an utterly ruthless operator, who had presided since 2013 over a collapsing economy and what Amnesty International called ‘a staggering execution spree’, murdering and imprisoning so many dissidents that Iran has per capita the highest execution rate in the world.”

File under: Tyrants and their dupes.
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