Boston jaywalking: Hot news!

This isn’t journalese, but a great letter to the editor of the Boston Globe, May 30, 2017:
Everyday scofflaws? Stop the presses

Wow. Front-page news — Boston police are not giving out jaywalking tickets! No kidding — the police do not help pedestrians cross the street. You’re on your own.

What are those bright, hard-working Globe editors going to inform us about on the front page tomorrow?

I can see it now. Front-page investigative story — there’s traffic on the Southeast Expressway during the morning and evening commute.

Coming next week, another front-page story — crowded subway cars on the Red and Green lines during rush hour. Followed by a hard-hitting, investigative story — people drive over 65 miles per hour on the Mass. Pike, and they don’t get a ticket.

I can see the Pulitzer Prizes being lined up now.

A. Jackson
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