“Strategize” is one of those corporate BS words that has been adopted by reporters, and allowed by editors, to be used in news stories. Strategize sounds more serious and far more important than scheming, planning, thinking about, yakking, mulling, plotting, figuring out, or dozens of other words that are used in everyday speech. We do not define strategize in our dictionary but we do define a “strategist” as: “A hustler who knows how to raise money or get votes for a politician.”

It may take a while for strategize to catch up to strategist. A quick search of The Boston Globe got 238 hits for strategize and 76,900 for strategist. But it’s on its way. Here’s an example from The Globe, June 26, 2017: “On Monday, the city of Somerville will launch a year-long effort to strategize how the city can reduce its contribution to climate change.”

File under: Hot air ahead in Somerville.

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