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A basic Law of Journalism — not journalese — is to never admit you totally screwed up. Getting a fact wrong, well, that’s not too bad. But missing a great story, that never happens. Especially when you can blame someone else. The Boston Globe ran a story the other day of how some high school students discovered the Boston Garden developer never fulfilled a 1993 agreement with the city to assist neighborhood recreation projects. Nowhere does the story mention that the Globe — you know, the Pulitzer Prize winner and “Spotlight” movie subject — totally ignored the deal all these years. By the way, TD Garden is the home of the Boston Celtics and Boston Bruins, so it’s not an obscure arena.

Globe columnist Adrian Walker takes up the subject July 17, 2017, blames a few people, but of course doesn’t mention the Globe also “promptly forgot all about it.”

Back in the old days, city editors kept future calendars to be sure to follow up on such stories. As we used to say, “Keeping the boys honest.” Guess those days are gone. Here’s a link to Walker’s column.


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