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Who’s on the grill?

A dictionary definition of the verb grill, other than to broil on a gridiron, is “to question relentlessly, to cross-examine.” In its classic movie application, it’s what cops do to a sweating suspect who is seated in a chair under a single light bulb, with the cops threatening with rubber hoses. In journalese, it’s anyone, usually a politician, being asked questions. Grill is a short, punchy verb, great in a… Read Article →

Operative in the guise of…

Our Journalese Dictionary definition of operative is: “Anyone getting paid to promote someone or something. Political operatives are not identified as shady but often are.” The American Dictionary of the English Language has it: “1. A skilled worker, especially in industry. 2.a. A secret or trusted agent. 2.b. A private detective.” What brings this up is a lede in a Boston Globe story, Aug. 21, 2017, about the latest candidate… Read Article →

Some voices…

Over the half-century or so that I’ve been in the news trade, I’ve written some goofy headlines. So I’m quick to forgive a lot of heads. Writing them to fit the space allowed, under deadline, and after an exhaustive night out, it ain’t always easy. But sometimes a head belongs to the “Today is Tuesday” class, those that would make the comic strip Non Sequitur’s “Obvious Man” proud. Here’s a… Read Article →

Everyone excited

Have you noticed how everyone is excited about just about everything these days? It can range from a company’s hiring a new finance chief after the last one got caught sharing the profits, or a publisher naming a new third assistant obit editor, the mayor cutting the ribbon of a developer donor’s latest subsidized building, or a Hollywood star getting engaged for the fifth time this year. They are all… Read Article →

Beware of a tout

Our definition of tout begins: “A favorite verb when a group or promoter is pushing something that an editor doesn’t 100 percent respect.” We quote Mike Feinsilber of the Associated Press: “It is a nice short lead word…but to some (read that: me) it has a tawdry, racetrack, carnivalish tone….” What brings this up is a recent Boston Globe story headlined: “City touts affordable housing bump.” The story is about… Read Article →


Have you ever heard anyone ask, “Which eatery did you dine at?” Or: “What’s the best eatery in the neighborhood?” I’ll bet you never heard anyone say the word eatery. Which makes it classic journalese. It’s often used according to the Bent Yellow Fruit Law, which prohibits an important word from being used twice in the same sentence. (“The banana boat longshoremen loaded the cargo of bent yellow fruit.”) A… Read Article →