The Pope touts…

In our Journalese Dictionary, we define “tout,” as “A favorite verb when a group or promoter is pushing something that an editor doesn’t 100 percent respect. Don’t wait for one like this: ‘Pope touts peace in Yule rap’.”  A headline in the Boston Herald on Dec. 2, 2017, “Car companies tout electrics, hybrids at show,” prompted me to check out whether the Pope does tout something or other. Indeed he does, including touting for peace.

Here are four headlines that popped up on Google, among the first of 559 hits:
“In Turkey, Pope Touts Peace” (CBS News, Nov 29, 2014).
‘Pope Touts Lebanon As Model Of Religious Coexistence”  (by, Sept. 15, 2012).
“Pope Touts Human Rights at U.N.” (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Apr. 19, 2008).
“Pope touts value of sports” (Albany Times Union).
“Pope Touts Unity on Columbia Trip After Long War” (Wall St. Journal).
“Pope touts priesthood for young men” (New York Daily News).

File under: Where there’s a cause, there’s a tout.

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