Eschew this!

Want to make your Mom and Dad proud they put you though college? Simply used fancy words that nobody ever uses in everyday speech because they can’t pronounce them or know what they mean. Take eschew, for example. We define it: “To avoid or shun. Used by reporters and editors who like to show they were not asleep in Shakespeare 101, and who remember Falstaff’s admonition: ‘What cannot be eschw’d must be embraced.’ ”

What brings this up is a Washington Post story, Jan 10, 2018, that begins: “Alex Azar, in line to become the Trump administration’s second health and human services secretary, agreed at his Senate confirmation hearing on Tuesday that drugs cost too much but eschewed broad government steps to rein in prices.”

File under: Duck, abstain, avoid, evade, abandon, shy away from, refrain and steer clear of using eschew unless you think you might impress someone.

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