Monthly Archives: January 2018

Raising concerns.

Concern is classic journalese to describe any degree of worry. Everyone, everywhere is concerned about something. A quick search of Boston Globe archives turns up 39,000 hits. Of course, some of those may refer to a business or company. Our Journalese Dictionary’s definition of concerned is: “Somebody’s worried. Vince Filak found that concerned citizens are usually loud people who showed up at something.” Our definition of concerns is: “When not… Read Article →

Appeared to be…

I’ll wind up 2017 with a New York Times favorite method of publishing a reporter’s vision of something that’s happening. The vision may or may not be true. It’s what it “appears to be.” There are protests all over Iran, with protesters shouting slogans against the theocratic regime. Here’s how the New York Times story on Dec 30, 2017, begins: “Protests over the government’s handling of the economy spread to… Read Article →