Reinvent this.

Lots of corporate BS gets picked up by the media and becomes journalese. One such word is “reinvent.” In our journalese dictionary: “Reinvent: The company is in big trouble. It’s betting on a new CEO, new logo and new color for its main product.” Well, General Electric does not have a new CEO, and it keeps its classic logo, but it’s sure in big trouble, which resulted in this jump headline in the Boston Globe, June 20, 2018: “GE, still struggling to reinvent itself, is forced off Dow index.” Don’t know exactly how GE plans to reinvent itself to get itself back on the Dow, which it had been on since the Dow was started, in 1896. Its subsidized “reinvention” of its headquarters from Connecticut to Boston a few years ago evidently didn’t help.

File under: Don’t mention GE in Pittsfield, Mass.

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