Architects’ fantasy renditions

An obscure Law of Journalism requires that media publish without comment architects’ renditions of new buildings and street scenes. Editors who would never publish a fake photo readily accept renditions that are pure fantasy. What brings this on is a drawing of a controversial proposed 600-foot tower on Boston’s waterfront. The drawing accompanies a column by Dante Ramos in the Boston Sunday Globe, July 1, 2018.

The architects’ rendition, which the columnist points out only includes a “sliver” the new tower, shows an open area (which already exists) but with only four cars showing. But, as is usual with architects’ fantasy renditions, there are dozens of pedestrians walking all over the place. As anyone who has ever been at the site knows it is always packed with cars, tour busses, tourist duck boats, taxis, vans, limos — and pedestrians are on sidewalks or dodging vehicles. A busy four-lane street adjoining the park-like area is not shown.

File under: Media in the service of developers.


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