Story that makes you wonder

Some stories make you wonder. Like a top-of-fold story on first page of the Metro section of the print edition of The Boston Globe, Apr. 24, 2019, headlined: “College is warned on its shaky finances — State tells Hellenic its degree granting authority is at risk.” The story lede: “Another small private college in New England is in trouble. Hellenic College Holy Cross, a Greek Orthodox school in Brookline, received a stern warning from the state last month about grave financial concerns….Hellenic is among a host of small private schools in New England that are struggling financially.”

Obvious question: How many students does Hellenic have? No mention in the story. It does say that the school “failed to meet its enrollment targets for the past two years and only met its goal this year after shrinking the target by 100 students.” But what was the target? No mention.

File under: Where have all the copy editors gone, long time passing?

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