End of what era?

Headline of the Days: Here’s the Boston Globe , page 1, top story headline, June 24, 2019:

“Casino opens to throngs
ready to celebrate a new era.

“2.6b Encore resort will operate 24 hours a day,
every day; No initial traffic woes.”

And here’s a Globe Metro section headline the next day:

“4 arrested at casino on first day;
police call it a success.”

No idea what “new era” was celebrated, since Encore was the third in Massachusetts since casinos became legal in 2011. Encore is the biggest (even without founder Steve Wynn’s name, erased in the wake of Me-Too revelations about Mr. Wynn).

File under: The house always wins. (Except when it doesn’t, as when Trump’s Atlantic City casino went bust in 1992.)

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