Wild-caught what?

Journalese of the Day: You won’t believe this…

Our Journalese Dictionary includes a section “Plat du Journalese — A menu of essential ingredients found in spicing up or watering down restaurant reviews and food features.” Although our list ranges from Artisanal: “Homemade from scratch. So they say,” to Well-structured: “A dish that stands up all by itself,” we missed an essential description of any seafood: “wild-caught.” This is so common that you won’t believe its use in a Boston Globe story, Aug. 21, 2019, about a Provincetown, MA, shop that created lobster-flavored chocolate, which uses, “a highly-flavored, pure lobster powder made from cooked wild-caught Atlantic lobster.”

Wild-caught lobster? There ain’t no other kind!!! No farm-raised. No genetically-engineered lab lobsters. No lobsters than those walking around the ocean floor in the wild and wiggling into a trap. But “wild-caught” does sound green and healthy, at least to the Boston Globe.

File under: Wait for hens’ eggs and young sheep lamb. We already get shrimp scampi.

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