From hulking to glittering.

Friends might recall that several weeks ago I noted how The Boston Globe violated the Law of Hulking by characterizing the Boston Harbor Encore casino as “hulking,” a word that exclusively is applied to parking garages or other large buildings the reporter doesn’t like and developers want to replace with money-making offices or condos.

Evidently, word went out that a venture the Globe endorsed, and especially one that is owned by an advertiser, must never be called “hulking.” Thus, a story in today’s (Sept 17, 2019) Globe about Encore’s August performance, has this lede:

“Monthly gambling revenues at the Encore Boston Harbor casino rose modestly in August, as bettors flocked to craps tables and poker games at the glimmering Everett resort.” Ahhh, the fast transformation from hulking to glittering!

However, the story’s using the shocking word “gambling” violates a Globe rule that requires use of “gaming” when reporting on local gambling and gambling joints. The reporter and editors can expect a reminder from the top guy.

File under: Watch those adjectives and adverbs.

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