Monthly Archives: December 2019

New Year’s wish: Editors hired.

Couple stories in the Boston Globe business section Dec. 28, 2019, makes one wonder if reporters took a reporting class or if there are no editors any longer at the paper. Or both. Story about a proposed $870 million high-rise project adjoining South Station says it will eventually provide 2.5 million square feet of offices, condos and a hotel, at what is now the station’s railbed and bus terminal. How… Read Article →

Influencers replacing hacks and artists.

The buzz-word “influencers” becomes journalese when it is used in a Boston Globe page one print headline, Dec. 26, 2019, reading: “HUNTER, GATHERER, INFLUENCER” with subhead, “Once a vegan, he’s prepped to become Internet’s evangelist for primitive eating.” The story, datelined Bridgton, Maine, ledes with: “Daniel Vitalis, who was once a big influencer in the raw-food vegan movement and is angling to become an even bigger one in the modern… Read Article →

Don’t mention the real words

This one should be Euphemism of the Day: You know how the lazy media likes to adopt the euphemisms by corporate or political BS artists. Popular right now is “green.” Anything the reporter or editors like, and have any connection to the environment or climate, is automatically labelled “green” even though the thing may not save energy or clean up the air or water. If the corporation or politicians say… Read Article →

The white stuff

As snowstorms batter (storms always batter) much of the United States (ABC News the other day had 53 million Americans “impacted,” even though ABC never divulges how it gets its numbers), there’s the inevitable application of the Journalese Law of the Curved Yellow Fruit. (In case your forgot the law, it prohibits use of that the same main word in a sentence. Thus, banana become the curved yellow fruit.) In… Read Article →