The white stuff

As snowstorms batter (storms always batter) much of the United States (ABC News the other day had 53 million Americans “impacted,” even though ABC never divulges how it gets its numbers), there’s the inevitable application of the Journalese Law of the Curved Yellow Fruit. (In case your forgot the law, it prohibits use of that the same main word in a sentence. Thus, banana become the curved yellow fruit.)

In snowstorms, snow becomes “white stuff.” Here’s an example from the Berkshire Eagle (Pittsfield, Massachusetts) newsletter, “The Beat” on Dec. 3, 2019.

Boy, that snow is no fun to shovel, but it sure is pretty!
The white stuff delayed many school openings today, so do be mindful of traffic and pedestrians as the morning commute continues.,591548?newsletter=591613&utm_source=Eagle+active+subscribers&utm_campaign=c183b50fff-

File under: Law of Curved Yellow Fruit

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