Teaser of the Week.

Teasers. Click-Bait. Same thing, except teasers are on TV, and the Teaser of the Week Award goes to David Muir, anchor of ABC TV News. We are familiar with his excited introductions of the day’s news, which usually includes something like “The storm threatens 54 million Americans…” Or, “Fire in a major city demolishes….” Or, “Highway crash creates ten mile long traffic jam…” The idea, of course, is to keep you tuned in, anxiously waiting to find out where these earth-shaking events occurred. God forbid, they’re in your neighborhood. But wait! First, some commercials…

David Muir’s Jan. 14, 2020, prize winning teaser was this, and I’m not making this up: “Meghan Markle spotted in North America.” Holy cannoli!! The Duchess spotted in Canada, Mexico or the United States! Perhaps even Saint Pierre and Miquelon, they’re in North America, too. But where was she spotted? That David Muir is one cute anchor, by gum. I bet 54 million viewers held their breaths waiting to learn that she was in Vancouver.

File under: Prize-winning TV news reporting.

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