Monthly Archives: February 2020

Everything and anything is innovation.

A new Law of Journalse requires that anything must be called innovation that is claimed to be innovation by politicians or promoters. The late Boston Mayor Thomas Menino loved the word so much he named the development area of the old South Boston waterfront the “Innovation District.” The name didn’t last long, and is now the Seaport, which has little sign of innovation, other than possibly one curved glass tower… Read Article →

Analog and the bent yellow fruit law.

: Great example of the Bent Yellow Fruit Law of Journalism, which prohibits use of the same important word in a sentence (banana becomes a bent yellow fruit) is found in The Boston Globe’s page one piece, Feb 26, 2020, about Michael Bloomberg’s high school years in Medford, a Boston suburban city. Headlined, “His road to the big stage started in Medford,” the story quotes a classmate, Carmen Comite, who… Read Article →