Analog and the bent yellow fruit law.


Great example of the Bent Yellow Fruit Law of Journalism, which prohibits use of the same important word in a sentence (banana becomes a bent yellow fruit) is found in The Boston Globe’s page one piece, Feb 26, 2020, about Michael Bloomberg’s high school years in Medford, a Boston suburban city. Headlined, “His road to the big stage started in Medford,” the story quotes a classmate, Carmen Comite, who graduated from Medford High with Bloomberg in 1960: “Comiteā€¦ was president of the Slide Rule Club, wherein he and other members, including Bloomberg, would time one another as they solved calculations with their analog calculators.”

Of course, few people under 50 know what a slide rule is. So analog calculator — which could be a sort of mechanical adding machine — will have to do, in order to comply with the Bent Yellow Banana Law.

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