Monthly Archives: March 2020

Flying off the shelves.

“Flying off the shelves” is classic journalese, a cliché that never flies off newsroom shelves and disappears but is always available to reporters and editors who can’t come up with something more imaginative. It’s now in favor when it comes to toilet paper and hand sanitizer. But leave it to the New York Times to discover that guns are also in flight, as is seen in a story, Mar. 16,… Read Article →

Anonymous sources

A tip of the hat to Mike Feinsilber, eagle-eyed editor, for this one: From the New York Times Cooking email: “Those who enjoy the framing of “on the condition of anonymity” clauses in newspaper articles will enjoy this account of the closing of the Marine Basin Marina in Brooklyn, in the Brooklyn Paper. “ ‘It’s a huge loss for Brooklyn,’ said a marina tenant, who spoke on the condition of… Read Article →