Task force to the rescue!

Our dictionary definition of a task force is: “What regular folks call a committee, but usually just as inefficient or useless.”

What brings this up is a Boston Globe story, June 27, 2020, headlined: “With complaints about illegal fireworks in Boston skyrocketing, Walsh forms task force.” Mayor Martin J. Walsh was inspired to form the task force by illegal fireworks complaints increasing by 5,543 percent so far in June, compared to June last year. That’s 7,844 so far in June and only 139 last year. His task force will consist of police, city executives, city councilors, community leaders, arson squad guys, and a whole bunch of others.

Possession of fireworks in Massachusetts is illegal (unless licensed). But in neighboring New Hampshire fireworks are legal and cross border smuggling is, well, booming.

File under: Nothing like a huge committee to fix things.

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