Marinating and prissy NYT’s word.

How a man who never drinks can marinate is a mystery only the New York Times believes. A story on election day, headlined in the Boston Globe, “As campaign closes, a frustrated Trump boasts and vents,” has this lede: “President Trump arrives at election day on Tuesday toggling between confidence and exasperation, bravado and grievance, and marinating in frustration that he is trailing Joe Biden, whom he considers an unworthy opponent.” Marinating? That’s slang for getting drunk, according to Paul Dickson’s record-breaking list of drunk words, “Drunk–The Definitive Drinker’s Dictionary.” OK. Maybe Trump’s not marinating in booze, but more like gravlax. He is a dilly willy.

But more shocking in the story is that unnamed “advisors” tell the Times that Trump has said, privately and publicly, “Man, it’s going to be embarrassing if I lose to this guy.” The story goes on: “But in off-camera versions, Trump frequently exclaims, ‘This guy!’ in reference to Biden, with a salty adjective separating the words.”

Now what “salty” word could that be?. The prissy Times leaves it up to the readers. This bad guy? This old guy? This fill-in-yourself-beginning-with-an-f guy? Our president saying such a thing? Heaven forfend !

File under: Marinating NYT salty-words.

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