No taps for tap.

Tap is a headline writer’s favorite verb, when used to mean choose or select. A quick check online and I find a list of 216 synonyms for choose, and tap is among them. I love the word, it’s short and classic journalese since you never use it in everyday speech. And tap can mean all kinds of things, in addition to choose or name or appoint. I’m waiting for a story about a trumpeter selected to play at the closing of his favorite pub. “Victor tapped to play taps for taps.”

What brings this on are headlines in yesterday’s and today’s Boston Globe:

“Rep. Claire Cronin tapped to be ambassador to Ireland.” [I assume she’ll spend much time at the Guinness taps.]
“Berklee veep tapped as Recording Academy co-president.” [A double journalese: tap and veep.]

Cheers, on this Midsommar eve.

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