Monthly Archives: July 2021

At the White House?

Another illustration of sloppy — or non-existant — copy editing: A cutline of a photo illustrating a Boston Globe story, July 13, 2021: “President Biden hosted a meeting about reducing gun violence in the Roosevelt Room at the White House on Monday.” And you thought firings stopped in the Roosevelt Room when Trump left office. But wait, there’s more, on July 8, the Globe ran a photo of a man… Read Article →

Red Sox triple.

Here’s a baseball journalese triple: three classic headline words in one headline in The Boston Globe sports section, July 12, 2021: “Red Sox giddy at nabbing Mayer in draft heist” Well, it’s hard to imagine Red Sox management “giddy,” and good luck isn’t really a “heist,” but it was a “nab,” so what the hell, how often does a headline writer get a chance to use all three headlinese classics… Read Article →

Hulk gets smaller

As you know, there’s a rule in journalism that requires all parking garages to be described as “hulking.” Now, anything can be hulking. A Bloomberg News story, July 6, 2021, about Volkswagen’s joint venture with a Croatian electric car maker, Rimac Automobili, to produce the “ultra-luxury” Bugatti. Bloomberg says his will “extend a lifeline to the boutique French manufacturer known for hulking 16-cylinder engines.” Hulking engines in a sports car?… Read Article →