Red Sox triple.

Here’s a baseball journalese triple: three classic headline words in one headline in The Boston Globe sports section, July 12, 2021:

“Red Sox giddy at nabbing Mayer in draft heist”

Well, it’s hard to imagine Red Sox management “giddy,” and good luck isn’t really a “heist,” but it was a “nab,” so what the hell, how often does a headline writer get a chance to use all three headlinese classics in one Red Sox head? Story was how the Red Sox got to sign 18-year-old shortstop Marcelo Mayer after three teams (Pirates, Rangers, Tigers), ahead of the Sox in the draft, passed by Mayer to pick the first three draftees. The Sox lucked out and grabbed Mayer. He’s from Chula Vista California, 6-foot 3-inch, left-handed career .363 hitter and, as the Globe reports, “one of the best overall talents” in the draft.

File under: Go Red Sox!

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