Monthly Archives: January 2022

Stop the presses! Globe scoop!

The Boston Globe today, Jan 26, 2022, revealed that wind turbines do not produce electric power when there’s no wind or too much wind. Until now, the Globe’s strict reporting rule required stories to report how much power turbines will produce, and how many thousands of homes for which they’ll provide electricity, but never, ever mention that the production figures are from developers and are impossible to attain. But now,… Read Article →

Him and her write for Boston Globe

Yeah, I know. College kids today say such stuff: “Him and me are going to the library….” But when such grammar gets printed in The Boston Globe, it’s time to wonder. Example in a Jan. 24, 2022, story about Massachusetts secretary of state William Galvin’s announcement he’ll run for an eighth four-year term: “With the completion of this term, no secretary of state in Massachusetts history will have served longer… Read Article →

Planned churnalese

Churnalese is the stuff reporters and editors churn out when they copy press releases, with no checking or editing. Great example of this was in a Boston Globe story, Jan. 9 , 2022, about a construction project that’s been underway for four years in Boston’s Bulfinch District in the city’s West End. It involves demolishing a parking garage and building high-rises on the site. One high-rise is complete, a second… Read Article →