Stop the presses! Globe scoop!

The Boston Globe today, Jan 26, 2022, revealed that wind turbines do not produce electric power when there’s no wind or too much wind. Until now, the Globe’s strict reporting rule required stories to report how much power turbines will produce, and how many thousands of homes for which they’ll provide electricity, but never, ever mention that the production figures are from developers and are impossible to attain. But now, the truth has been revealed in a story about possible natural gas shortages that could disrupt New England power deliveries. Story starts by mentioning blackouts in Texas a year ago, but naturally doesn’t mention most were caused by failures of that state’s huge dependence on failed wind power.

But deep in the story, the Globe reports: “Relying on renewables has its own risks. Wind farms deliver no power when winds aren’t blowing. or when they are too fierce. And large-scale batteries or ‘green hydrogen,’ to store the power those offshore projects create, remain experimental for now.”

Wow! There it is! The Globe reveals a physical truth. No wind, no power. This is worthy of a Pulitzer.

However, sticking to the Globe’s green-is-good rule, a story in the same edition, about a Massachusetts test project of solar panels on highway sound barriers, says: “The 638-kilowatt project could provide enough power for up to 128 homes.” No mention, of course, that there’s no solar power at night or in heavy overcast weather or when panels are covered with snow.

File under: “Home on the range” green reporting — where never is heard a discouraging word …

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