Glitches? Hell, they’re big time defects.

A “glitch” is corporate BS for “Holy Cannoli!! We screwed up huge, man, huge!” In our dictionary, we define glitch as, “A screw-up worse than a hiccup.” Rick Frank, of Newtonville, MA., in a letter to The Boston Globe, April 24, 2018, gets it right. Headlined “In software, let’s admit that what were once ‘glitches’ are now ‘defects’,” Frank writes:

“Regarding the recent ‘glitches’ in the state Registry of Motor Vehicles and IRS software: Given the increasing impact that malfunctioning software has on peoples lives, it is time to stop using the word ‘glitch’ to describe these problems. The proper word is ‘defect.’ It would be a good policy for the Globe to stop using the word ‘glitch,’ which in my experience is never used by professional software developers but is often used by people who are trying to minimize the problem in the software.”

File under: Betcha the media keeps calling errors “glitches.”

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