Everything and anything is innovation.

A new Law of Journalse requires that anything must be called innovation that is claimed to be innovation by politicians or promoters. The late Boston Mayor Thomas Menino loved the word so much he named the development area of the old South Boston waterfront the “Innovation District.” The name didn’t last long, and is now the Seaport, which has little sign of innovation, other than possibly one curved glass tower among the dozens of glass wall box high rise offices and high-priced condos and apartments.

What brings this on is a headline and lede from The Berkshire Eagle of Pittsfield, Mass., Feb 28, 2020, where an innovation center (whatever that is) has taken far longer to create than it took Edison to invent the light bulb or Facebook to become what it is:

“More than a decade in the making, Berkshire Innovation Center about to officially open

“PITTSFIELD — A day that some thought never would arrive is finally here. The $13.8 million Berkshire Innovation Center, one of the county’s most important and debated economic development …”

File under: Reporters and editors as stenographers.

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